3U OpenVPX embedded computing board for artificial intelligence (AI) applications introduced by Mercury

Artificial Intelligence
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By Mil & Aero staff

ANDOVER, Mass. – Mercury Systems Inc. in Andover, Mass., is introducing the EnsembleSeries LDS3517 embedded computing processing blade for advanced on-platform processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The LDS3517 blade is suited to on-platform cognitive electronic warfare (EW), next-generation radar, machine learning, and AI applications that require small, powerful and scalable processing engines.

Each blade combines an Intel Xeon D server-class processor, a Xilinx UltraScale field-programmable gate array (FPGA), and a mezzanine site in a 3U OpenVPX form-factor.

Wafer-stacking and system-in-package (SiP) miniaturization technologies enable the latest general and FPGA processing capabilities, their extensive supporting memory, and a versatile mezzanine expansion site to fit into this compact form-factor.

Optionally configured with embedded BuiltSECURE trusted computing systems security engineering and packaged with modified-off-the-shelf-plus (MOTS+) technology, the LDS3517 compute blade can support military missions anywhere.

Mercury’s EnsembleSeries processing solutions are designed, made, programmed and supported in the United States in DMEA-accredited facilities using devices from our trusted, managed supply chain.

The LDS3517 blades for artificial intelligence (AI) uses come in conduction and Air Flow Through (VITA 48.8) one-inch packages. For more information contact Mercury Systems online at www.mrcy.com.

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