Adding iCloud Email Address in iOS/iPadOS 14?

Adding iCloud Email Address in iOS/iPadOS 14?

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My AppleID was originally created using a Gmail address but I’d like to add an iCloud email address. I’ve heard many differing opinions on this but also learned that there were changes on this in iOS 14. Some people warned not to add an iCloud email to my primary AppleID because if I get locked out, I can’t get an email so create yet another AppleID. Others have said that the Gmail address will stay on my AppleID account so it’s not an issue. I think this is confirmed now in iOS 14 so I can definitely keep both email addresses (new iCloud and Gmail) both on the AppleID so that there’s a second email if I need to get a lockout code.

I’m wondering what you think and if I’m OK to just go ahead and create and iCloud email on my primary AppleID or if I do need to create an extra one. My spouse and I already share an AppleID for Apps and such so that IAPs are shared (before this became possible to do in Family Sharing, if devs choose to offer it). I’m just not sure I really want to deal with a third AppleID or maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much! I’d really appreciate anything you share so I can learn more.


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