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Artificial intelligence company SenseTime released a series of open resources for AI education over the weekend during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

The resources, called  meta-elements, cover displays, courses, experiments, innovation, hardware and training. 

They are expected to meet educational needs ranging from primary school to university levels.

“SenseTime decided to devote in AI education to guide children to get to know AI, use AI in their life and work and inspire their innovative thinking to create more AI technologies in the future,” said Dai Juan, general manager of SenseTime Edu, the sub-branch of SenseTime.

“AI education is different from other courses as it is supported by platforms empowered by AI, from which teachers and students can get tools in software, hardware, algorithms and practices. 

“SenseTime Edu’s AI education platform is based on SenseTime’s grand AI platform and will provide teachers and students with educational resources, management components, robots, open-source software and hardware-based algorithms.”

SenseTime Edu releases an innovation kit.

SenseTime Edu also released an innovation kit for teaching, experiments, innovation and competition involving Python programming, AI sensor applications and AI model deployment. 

It is expected to help students learn about AI and intelligent hardware to lay a solid foundation for their future learning in the development of industrial production lines.

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