AI leaves mark on logistics, supply chain

Artificial Intelligence
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Before artificial intelligence (AI), business decision makers faced information overload issues.  Thought to be the nebulous cloud of answers, it was hard for leaders to announce when they did not know how to solve phenomenon. As a result, the decisional process relied on leaders to synthesize massive amounts of data and try to make the best-informed decisions that they could within the time constraints that they had.

The issue arose when a single person could not feasibly process the colossal amounts of information required to make excellent and reliable decision. The overwhelming amount of data collected by corporations, often leaves executives scratching their heads when they must understand complex and adaptive information processed through their businesses, especially when problems arise that require a prompt decision. AI-based models and software applications can grapple with billions of lines of data and showcase connections within the data that an individual observer may miss, otherwise.

This is not the only way that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the supply chain industry. Executives are becoming more proactive with demand planning through AI technologies. Used to carry loads, tow objects, scan bar codes and manage inventory, robots are the newest innovations in warehouses. Autonomous vehicles are going to increase safety, efficiency, optimize driving routes and increase fuel efficiency. Someday, driverless trucks will be the predominant mode of road transport.

How can you come up with inventions and ideas that no one else has thought of before? The answer is to take deliberate approaches to think through ideas with intention and purpose. If you are a manager facing a difficult problem to solve, AI may be the ticket to your big solution. Sometimes solutions do not come from within, they are from using tools and resources. You too can conquer those head-scratchers through innovations that you may not have thought of before!


Jamie Daigle/Texas A&M University- Supply Chain Management Instructor

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