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Artificial Intelligence
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Governments in each nation internationally must do a better job of meeting the needs of their people. But while it is clear that many of these nations thrive in neglecting the needs of the common man, it is absurd to neglect even a small fraction of their desires as these could improve the nation’s efficiency and productivity as a whole. One of these may be developing a stronger base of artificial intelligence in the nation. Investing in better artificial intelligence makes a nation able to become more modernized, more capable of competing with other technological giants, and overall more established and deserving of respect.

A way to begin this approach would be to devote more resources to better target oversight efforts with a hierarchy-structured approach. Today’s software incorporates different features including automation with programming for AI to make its own “intelligent” decisions, that facilitate the process of embracing artificial intelligence in the entire nation. Agencies, in addition, are beginning to use more cloud-based services, that free up resources that can maintain and abide by different laws and regulations to keep the process legal and safe.

The movement to cloud-based services not only improves the efficiency of this process but also makes more reliable data. This is an important effect for those actively involved in the analyzation of data – whether it be data scientists or statisticians. Creating data that is observed to be more accurate and detailed is a heavy benefit for individuals in these fields as they can create more reliable conclusions and connections between the information discovered to realtime discoveries in society. This also makes them more accountable for any failures that occur in the analysis and transportation of information.

In this concept, a significant part to keep track of is the robotic process automation. RPA can make the government significantly more effective as well as productive. It can promise a more orderly process for embracing artificial intelligence by piloting different systems and processes. This has been done in NASA as well as in the IRS of the United States of America. Many find it successful and beneficial to carry out the goals of the organization.

And yet, the desire for improvement and continued growth in these programs is now. As baby boomers begin to die of old age, society is becoming more adapted to technology’s growth and position internationally. It’s important that we continue to take advantage of this by expanding on advanced artificial intelligence programs, so fast that they become ingrained in society for the next generations. Embracing artificial intelligence will not only make simple concepts such as data, efficiency, and management less complex and simpler to progress, but massively reclaim the trust between government and man in nations where this trust is dwindling.

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