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Mostly Android 12 visual changes Overall, it’s been pretty well received, but some adjustments are one step further.With More prominent focus on widgetsThe ability to resize the display on the home screen is essential, but if you’re having a hard time displaying the outline on the grid, it doesn’t bring you any benefit. Fortunately, Latest Android 12 Beta The widget resizer is much easier to use, but some colors are lost as a result.

In Beta 3, an outline that surrounds each widget drawn from the device background, another example of Material You, and a dynamic theme in action. This effect may be cool in theory, but the lack of contrast makes resizing the image much more difficult than other methods. It is permissible not to notice the outlines in the screenshots below — they are blurred directly into the wallpaper.

Android 12 Beta 3 and its hard-to-see resizer.

Beta 4 fixes this by reverting to a standard white or gray outline to resize at the expense of Material You. The grid is themed based on the current background, but the widget shadows no longer match. In general, this is a significant improvement. You don’t have to get all aspects of Android 12 from the wallpaper. Keeping things simple makes reshaping much easier.

Android 12 Beta 4 and its almost invisible “remove” pill.

However, for certain backgrounds, the “Delete” space for deleting the widget is hard to see because it chooses a color that actually reduces the contrast.

It’s Android 12 Beta 4, but it’s easier to see.

This issue does not apply to all wallpapers. Most dark selections choose the correct color and display a bright white “Delete” label that you shouldn’t miss. It’s definitely an improvement, but if you’re looking for strong contrast, you’ll want to avoid complex wallpapers.

Android 12 Beta 4 makes widget resizers easier to use

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