Android 12 DP2: People Space widget takes shape - 9to5Google

Android 12 DP2: People Space widget takes shape – 9to5Google

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One of the more interesting upcoming features of Android 12, teased in leaked mockups, is “People Space” which puts your friends and family on your home screen. With the second pre-release of Android 12, this People Space widget has begun to take shape.

Branded in the early mockups as “Conversations,” the “People Space” widget places a prominent reminder of your loved ones, with the mockups showing examples of unread messages, people you haven’t messaged in a while, and friends’ birthdays. Of course, those mockups are only aspirational until Googlers make them a reality.

With Android 12 Developer Preview 2, our Dylan Roussel was able to enable the People Space widget to see what progress had been made. When you add the widget to your home screen, you’re asked to choose from a list of your recently received notifications that are tagged as “Conversations” by Android. For instance, in the screenshot below, you can see Telegram and Slack are supported.

Once you’ve selected a conversation, you’re able to place the People Space widget on your home screen, where it will tell you how long its been since you’ve chatted with that particular person or group, such as “Last chatted less than 1 hour ago.” It will be interesting to watch the feature develop over the next few months, between now and Android 12’s release, to see what other kinds of social integrations this People Space will gain. So far there are no signs of previously leaked features like the birthday reminders.

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