Apple iPhone: Here is list of key features in iOS 15

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Apple unveiled its latest operating system for iPhones, iOS 15 and it carries features such as redesigned Safari browser, Focus Mode, Live Text, FaceTime support outside Apple ecosystem and others.

Here is a list of features spotted in beta versions of iOS 15.4 that Apple may roll out for Apple iPhones soon.

In iOS 15.4, Face ID will work while you’re wearing a mask.

This iOS 15.4 feature is a little late, but better late than never. From iOS 15.4, you will be able to open your iPhone while wearing a mask, no watch is required. It won’t work in all scenarios, but you will be able to pay with your iPhone when you are inside a store and wearing a mask.

Apple appears to address several issues regarding stalking in the most recent iOS15.4 beta. It has changed the iCloud connect notification, shortened the alert time, and added precise tracking in case the speaker has been disabled. It will also notify users if someone else’s AirPods follow them.

It’s also getting Tap to Pay, an Apple Card widget, and a new “gender-neutral” Siri voice. Apple is also changing how AirTags interact with iPhones to address recent concerns about stalking.

When setting up an AirTag, iOS 15.4 makes it abundantly clear with a popup notification that it is linked to the user’s Apple ID and that AirTags are designed to warn victims. It notes that Apple will turn over identifying information to law enforcement if used illegally.

In addition to the new notice, developers have shortened the time it takes before users are notified an AirTags is with them. The timing was something that Apple said it would tweak after launch when the devices had been out in the wild for a bit. Of course, the timing of the alert cannot overcome an attacker disabling the speaker in the AirTag.


Disabling a speaker doesn’t affect tracking, though. Users will still see notifications on-screen. The audible alert was more for finding the rogue tracker. To mitigate this, Apple added a feature to precisely locate a rogue AirTag when detected using ultrawideband tracking. Previously, this technique was only used to pinpoint a user’s own fobs. It only works if someone else’s Tag has been traveling with you, though.

Users have had the ability to track their own AirPods for a while now. Although there have not been any reports of AirPods being used to track someone, the potential is there since they work in the same way as AirTags. To tackle it before it becomes an issue, a semi-related feature in iOS 15.4 is rogue AirPod detection. While you cannot find someone else’s AirPods, iOS 15.4 will alert you if it detects a set following you. So similar anti-stalking features appear to be trickling over to other easy-to-hide Apple devices.


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