Apple Watch guided walking workouts spotted in iOS 14.4 beta

Apple Watch guided walking workouts spotted in iOS 14.4 beta
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(Pocket-lint) – Apple’s beta for an upcoming iOS 14.4 software update reportedly feature a new setting for Apple Watch users. And it suggests guided walking workouts are possibly coming to the Apple Fitness+ service.

The new feature, spotted by Khaos Tian, who shared a screenshot of the setting on Twitter, is not yet live. But the screenshot of the feature in testing shows that, under a Time to Walk section in Settings, there is a toggle to “add newest workouts to watch”. Below that, the setting says: “Time to Walk workouts are downloaded when Apple Watch is connected to power and near your iPhone.”

The toggle allows you to automatically add the workouts to your Apple Watch, but it’s not yet clear what “Time to Walk” means or if it will be similar to “Time to Stand” reminders, which tell Apple Watch users to stand throughout the day.

Perhaps, as 9to5Mac noted after digging into iOS’ code, Time to Walk workouts will serve as guided audio workouts. The site claimed beta source code strings even mentioned “WORKOUT_GUIDED_WALK”. It also found evidence Apple is working on “Time to Push” workouts for people who have physical disabilities and are unable to walk to get in their daily exercise.

Tian certainly seems to suspect Apple is developing walking workouts, which would be different from existing workouts offered in Apple Fitness+. The service requires you to use an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to follow a workout, but Apple could be considering new workouts that work with just your Apple Watch and are designed to get you outdoors and moving around.

We’ll obviously know more as iOS 14.4 nears its release. Keep in mind iOS 14.3 just rolled out in mid-December 2020. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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