Artificial Intelligence could save agents 2.5 hours time each day – claim

Artificial Intelligence
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A typical lettings agent could save some two and a half hours’ time each working day if they adopted more Artificial Intelligence to take over routine tasks. 

That’s the view of PropTech virtual assistant which says its time saving estimate is conservative if agents allowed technology to do routine tasks in seconds rather than hours or minutes.

Chasing rent, arranging for contractors to visit properties, organising deposits, referencing and daily administration are just some of the obvious tasks which can benefit from AI, but insists there are many more potential savings.

“It’s clear to see the amount of time that property professionals can save by automating key tasks … It also allows them to spend more time working on the ‘bigger picture’ and growing a business” says the virtual assistant co-founder and chief executive Tom Reiss.

“Each individual and the way in which they work is completely different. However, when you factor in the comparison between a human and a machine, a person could take 15 to 20 per cent longer to carry out a task – an estimate that we believe to be fairly conservative” adds Reiss.

Another executive – chief product officer Offer Peylan – says one requirement for the industry is to become open-minded about AI. 

“’How much time can this automation and this technology that we hold save people, and in how many different areas can it be used in?’ – these are the questions business leaders need to be asking if they want to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly technology-driven industry” says Peylan.

“Failing to take note and adopt automated processes now could see businesses struggling to keep up, becoming irrelevant and increasing the risk of them having to cease operations over the next five to seven years” he says.

The service has previously suggested that greater use of technology could allow agents more time to come to terms with the industry’s increasing compliance burden, likely to become tougher still once the recently-revealed recommendations of the Regulation of Property Agents working group are enacted.

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