Artificial intelligence: Four questions to Ela Daniliuc, Synergeticon

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Hamburg News: How did you enter the AI sector?

I actually come from a completely different field and studied geodata management in Frankfurt am Main, where I specialised in the property construction industry. I became acquainted with my current field of work almost by chance during an internship and noticed the common denominators between aviation and my previous focal points e.g., digital twin modelling. It’s great fun working on the production of large aircraft. That’s why I stayed.

Hamburg News: What do you plan to do in future?

I’m still at the beginning of my career and would like to be more involved in product development e.g., creating intelligent camera-based systems for object and event recognition. I work in an environment with a great team spirit and focus on individual training and learning new technologies. We are almost always dealing with the latest industry issues and work with cutting edge technology, which is fun.

Hamburg News: Why should more women seek a career in AI?

I am frequently the only woman in meetings or working groups. I don’t mind, but such a job description might intimidate women when applying for a technical studies course or a job. I literally slid into the AI sector and from my own experience, I can say that none of our skills and achievements are gender-reliant. Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve our standard of living in the long-term. There are hardly any sectors in the world for which AI applications could not be created. It is important that both men AND women deal with such big issues.


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