Artificial intelligence- transforming telemedicine sector

Artificial Intelligence
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As technologies today are an intrinsic part of our everyday life medical industry cannot constraint itself from the moaning of artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is advancing the future of the medical industry because of its power to handle big data. AI provides the healthcare sector, the facilities, and opportunities to improve patient care and results in a remarkable way.

The synergy between AI and telehealth is revolting healthcare organizations. AI-machines handle with the mountains of data, quickly identify health problems, and provide solutions. New technologies and devices that meld telemedicine with AI and predictive analytics are giving hope for greater health services to the people.

Diagnosis: Telehealthcare with AI tools is helping healthcare organizations to apply related technologies to unlock health data and power diagnosis. An AI machine can diagnose disease through images and analyzed remotely through telemedicine. 

Treatment recommendation: Infusing telemedicine platforms with machine learning algorithms recommend treatment options and solution to the patients. Telemedicine helps physicians to have a comprehensive approach to disease management, to coordinate care plans, and enable patients to comply better with long-term treatments.

Solving logistical challenges: Hospitals are using predictive analytics to reduce bottlenecks and improve patient flow. AI tools with the help of predictive analytics help doctors faster for telemedicine patients also. AI is able to route questions to the doctors with the best outcomes for a patient’s symptoms instead of sending to doctor.

Self-service: Workflow solutions are now built into most telehealth applications (apps). These apps guide patients through a series of questions and collect data. By the time when the patients connect with the physicians, an amount of legwork has completed. Virtual health is moving to the direction that physicians believe self-service remains as a hybrid model, involving some form of human interaction.

Telemedicine is giving pre-peeks of diseases which generally take months and years for physicians and doctors to see through diseases. Telemedicine provides care and solution to the patients the way that never thought before. AI’s intervention in telemedicine is the big thing which is changing the view of treatment and cure. 

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