Aussie businesses to boost spending on artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
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  • Inventory planning and logistics
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Industrial automation

More than half of companies in Australia (54%) hope to invest in inventory planning and logistics, compared to 39% of organisations elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, 46% of Australian firms plan to expand their CRM, compared to 39% of companies in other countries.

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While 45% of global business leaders want to invest in industrial automation, only 28% of those in Australia plan to do the same.

Of the Australian companies that hope to leverage AI:

  • 57% say they plan to use AI to help workers become more productive
  • 39% say they plan to use it to add value to existing products and services
  • 29% say they plan to use it to replace existing workers

Overall, international respondents claim AI would boost their company’s productivity. However, only 21% of leaders in Australia predict it would result in a lower headcount in their industry.

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