Best Android apps in the Google Play Store week 53-2020

Best Android apps in the Google Play Store week 53-2020

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Check out our selection of cool apps in the Play Store. This time, we are discussing a new app from Talpa and an app that allows you to distribute tasks on virtual dashboards. is a new app from Talpa. The app has a new design and shows what’s now and next and Primetime on TV. You can also watch 14 days ahead and receive new viewing tips every day from the editors of On Missed you can see which programs you can watch directly in the app and the content of all episodes is described. On the new Discover page you will discover new programs and on the Movies page you will have an overview of all the movies that can be seen on TV, Netflix, Videoland and in theaters.


Trello we use on the drafting of Androidworld and we can say: without Trello, no Androidworld! With Trello, you can divide tasks onto virtual bulletin boards. You also have a card for a single project. On this board you can place various lists that form a set of tasks. When working with multiple people, it is possible to add people to specific tasks. It is also possible to respond to tasks. You can use Trello for business, but also for your studies, association, or to keep track of your own private tasks.


Of TaalApp from My Dictionary is an all-in-one dictionary. You will find not only translations, but also the right words for puzzles, cryptograms, word meanings, proverbs, rhymes, dialects, synonyms and conjugations. The app doubles as an encyclopedia, and you can fully customize the display of results in the settings.

Grocery Planner – Grocery List and Things to Do

Grocery Planner – Grocery List and Things to Do is an app that gives you more structure when shopping. The app is category-based so that you immediately have all departmental shopping at your fingertips in the supermarket. This way, you no longer have to go back and forth to check off your list.

Best Android apps in the Google Play Store week 53-2020

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