Best new mobile games on iOS and Android - August 2018 round-up

Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – August 2018 round-up

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The latest iteration in Gameloft’s blockbuster mobile racing series is Asphalt 9: Legends, which boasts console quality graphics and 70 tracks from Cairo to Rome to the Himalayas. It’s a world of spectacle and bombast, with avalanches devastating slopes next to the track and bits of debris from exploding fellow racers being catapulted around the road, as you progress from Mitsubishis and BMWs to Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

You can barely do anything without some sort of pop-up reward: race without hitting anything? Clean race! Smash into stuff on the track? You’ve smashed stuff! It’s infantilising, but a bigger problem is the controls, which default to the new Touchdrive mode where you don’t even need to steer, just tap to drift or activate one of four different nitrous oxide settings.

You can switch to tilt or tap steering, both of which give a greater sense of actual participation, but leave you at the mercy of Touchdrive players whose 360 skids, triggered by double tapping the drift button, send you pirouetting off the track. In Asphalt 9, skill is a distant second to car upgrades, a situation that generates weary acceptance rather than excitement.

Score: 4/10

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