Best Weather Forecasting Apps to Use For Free in iOS, Android For 2022

Best Weather Forecasting Apps to Use For Free in iOS, Android For 2022
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Best Weather Apps in 2022 For iOS and Android users

Monitoring the weather is important since it can dictate if you can participate in an outdoor activity or not. Now, tracking information about this is made easier thanks to the weather apps.

Truly, the best weather-focused applications can supply the users with sufficient information regarding the current changes in the forecast. They can also be informed if there are alterations in the temperature.

On top of that, you can also assess the air quality index in some applications, while others feature detailed breakdowns of weather conditions for a particular day.

When erratic weather conditions occur, it’s best to use reliable weather apps to further monitor precipitation, humidity, and more. If you are either an iOS or Android user, you can refer to this list for more details.

IQAir AirVisual Air Quality Forecast

The first on the list is a go-to app for seeing accurate numbers about air quality. 

IQAir AirVisual Air Quality Forecast app features expansive details for the air quality index, covering over 10,000 locations across 100 countries around the world.

For more sophisticated viewing, you can utilize a 2D or 3D map to devise your own version of viewing the air quality from another perspective. Additionally, it has a seven-day forecast which will help you plan your camping or hiking properly. This would ensure that the air that you are breathing on that day is somehow healthy.

Download here: iOS/Android

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Carrot Weather

Although this app sounds “vegetative,” the Carrot Weather app is not all about planting or anything vegetable-related. This application is a great weather app for users who want to see today’s forecast.

This software uses Dark Sky‘s data to provide an informative forecast for a week. You can actually see even the hourly forecast in your city or province.

Carrot Weather is well-known for its sarcastic take on its infographics, per Tom’s Guide. Although there’s a hint of pun on it, you can observe that its meteorological information is well-provided to the users.

While it is free to use, you can also go for its Premium subscription, which will cost you $24.99 per year. By purchasing Tier 1, you can access precipitation and lightning strikes notifications.

Meanwhile, Tier 2 will give you reminders for the weather conditions, whereas Tier 3 will alert you about the critical changes in the skies.

Download here: iOS/Android

Emergency: Alerts

The final entry in the list is the Emergency: Alerts app, which you can access straight from your Android or iOS gadget. The American Red Cross has developed this weather app for people who frequently experience unexpected calamities in their areas.

This weather app is highly recommended so you can keep track of extreme heat, floods, hurricanes, and even winter storms within your vicinity. It can also check your location during the disaster, so you will know what is happening on the whole map at the time of crisis.

Scanning through the disaster preparedness information will help you become more prepared for the upcoming catastrophe that might hit your place.

Download here: iOS/Android

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