Brinks Taps Apple iOS Chat Feature On Google Search

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Brinks Home
Security has introduced a feature made possible by an update in Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 13. It gives consumers the option to chat with the business after clicking on a phone number
in Google Search results. The business must be enrolled in Apple Business Chat.

“A lot of this is being driven by the consumer because people are looking for alternative channels to
interact with businesses other than phone calls, which was the impetus for this,” said Jay Autrey, chief customer officer at Brinks Home Security.  

Chat also reduces cost. A
service rep can simultaneously handle up to five service calls, he said.  

Quiq, which supports live chat and text messaging, enables Brinks to offer the service to its customers who use
an iPhone. Getting 50% of Brinks customers to use chat rather than a phone call will become “a significant saving,” he said.



Brinks, which has a new self-service installation
offering, also will text a consumer a video on how to install the service once they know it has been delivered.

The service does not integrate with alarm monitoring yet, but in the future it
will become possible for the alarm monitoring service to alert an emergency contact list, which typically includes several people, through a text in the event of a break-in or false alarm.

“That’s the missing piece in the industry,” he said. “It’s really one-on-one now and it doesn’t help if I’m out of town and get a text and can’t

It’s better to know that a group gets the alert in case it is a valid alarm.

Google also is moving in the direction of allowing Android users to chat with a
business from search, rather than call, if they choose.

Autrey said within the next 60 days Brinks, formerly Monotronics, also will launch a way for customers to make a referral online through
a text.

After ADT acquired Brinks, Monotronics (MONO Security) bought the name Brinks Home Security and rebranded. 

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