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Many of us take screenshots on our phones, but when we try to do things like share cool and long articles with friends and family, that can sometimes mean snapping a bunch of them. .. I’ve been waiting for Google to add scrolling screenshots natively to Android for good reason. It’s much more convenient to capture the content once, beyond what you see on your smartphone screen. Android 12 has finally achieved this long-desired feature.However, there is one important caveat. Not all apps work yet. Chrome is one of the apps you’ll want to take scrolling screenshots and will soon support one of the best features of Android 12.

We have been Tracking Since then, Google’s efforts to add scroll screenshot support directly to Chrome Chrome story I found it last year. It can be technically enabled using the Chrome 92 flag, but it’s still not working properly.[共有]Of the menu[長いスクリーンショット]If you press, only what is displayed will be captured. It was difficult to get information about when it would go live, and I wasn’t sure if Google threw a towel into development. that is, XDA’s Mishaal Rahman Recently excavated new Dedication Once implemented in Chromium Gerrit, you will eventually be able to take scrolling screenshots in Chrome.

The commit allows Chrome to take scroll screenshots using Android 12’s ScrollCapture API.

As Mishaal explains, Android 12’s approach to scrolling screenshots is a double-edged sword. This is very different from how most OEMs implement a screenshot system using Android apps. opinion (Component that draws content on the screen) Instead of capturing and stitching multiple images. The result is more robust and reliable scrolling screenshots, but not all apps are supported.

Google encourages developers to take advantage of new Android features ScrollCapture API That’s why the scroll screenshot system works. As shown in the commit above, the API is exactly the same as the plan to add support for scrolling screenshots to Chrome. Mishaal while scrolling the screenshot Doesn’t work with AMP, If the feature is enabled by default, support may eventually arrive. You can perform an extended capture directly from Android rather than pressing a long screenshot button.

Adding scrolling screenshots to Chrome is definitely a welcome change and ultimately solves the hassle of capturing and managing multiple screenshots of a single web page. We look forward to using it in future updates. If you’re lucky, you don’t have to wait too long for it to officially arrive at your device. If an itchy brave user wants to try this feature, it should soon appear first on the Canary channel.

Chrome is working to support one of the best features of Android 12

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