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Artificial Intelligence
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Thankfully, we were endowed with a complex brain to use for learning and thinking. Animals were, too, but they were limited in the extent of their brain power, but you might have had a pet that could think at a higher level than your next-door neighbor could. Whatever, remember to love both equally.

We don’t understand why humans don’t stop and pause during our constant busyness to think clearly for a change. It’s because we’re filling our minds with too much junk and now rely on computers to think for us. And we don’t know why our Creator distributed intelligence in such an unequal way. It’s like our bank account; some have it and most others don’t.

We don’t understand why those we choose to lead us to peace and prosperity seem to lose whatever sense they had when gaining political power. Look at Congress that performs on an imbecile level, agreeing only to disagree. And who understands how, what and when our president thinks? But he is focused primarily on our leaky borders. Why don’t we build a wall around the United States to protect us from those not as smart as he is?

Fortunately, our best thinkers think they have the answer to waning human intelligence. They’re making machines and inserting artificial brains in them. The advantage AI has is that it doesn’t get angry or let emotions control its inner workings. And it’s neither conservative nor liberal. Would we want two machines going at each other’s throats like liberals and conservatives do?

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, it’s reported that if you are “depressed, in danger of a heart attack or dozing at the wheel of your car,” the artificial intelligence community has arrived to save us. Get this, they have developed an AI machine to listen to our voices to determine our “emotions, mental and physical health, and even our height and weight.”

You’re telling me AI can detect my emotions from what I say. When I read this, my emotions exploded. This stuff can’t be true, and our president could be right this time, it must be “fake” news.

I’ve always tried keeping my emotions under control, but remember being young and innocent when upon learning what the purpose of girls were, I lost all control. Then when reaching the feeble elderly stage, one daily explosive emotion asks, will I be alive tomorrow? Talk about remaining focused.

But maybe it’s a new day as scientists unravel the question of how our material brains form our intangible minds. Who knows what other people think? I lived over 60 years with my wife before she passed. And each new day, she hit me with thoughts that often struck an emotional nerve. I eventually learned to respond, “you’re right,” which soothed my heartbeat.

Now, if you see a doctor for what ails you, they first check your vital signs and maybe drain some blood to run through another machine. If only half of your vital signs are ticking, don’t worry. AI has crept into medical facilities, after waiting three months for an appointment.

Good morning, don’t get undressed, get a cup of coffee and relax. Then talk into this machine for 20 minutes. Say anything you want and let your emotions flow freely, so we can determine if you’re one of those who has just about had it. The clicking sound you hear is your printout that will determine your fate. Oh, if this voice thing doesn’t work, we’ll scan your brain to see what might be in there.

The development of brain scans embedded with AI can now “track your thoughts and test your truthfulness.” My goodness, does that mean politicians will now have to be honest?

I was born and raised in a farm house without electricity that was built in 1870. The changes in my life have become too much for me. Our social media consisted of talking to our neighbors after church every Sunday, and it was a treat to use a telephone.

Is there a way to return to the “simple” life as it was back then? Or, do I accept the fact that cognitive neuroscientists can hear the words I’m thinking and analyze them to maybe prolong my life? Back when life was simpler, there was a way to control the emotions that caused worry, stress and anxiety. A solitary walk in the woods, contemplating God’s glorious natural world, calmed me every time.

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