Court documents say the battle between Android and iOS over the sale of smartphones is fake - Illinois News Today

Court documents say the battle between Android and iOS over the sale of smartphones is fake – Illinois News Today

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Is the smartphone war between iOS and Android real? NS Google Are you really interested in switching users from iOS to Android? The answer may be in a revised court document filed by Epic Games in connection with a complaint against Google and its Android app store front.

The Android-iOS competition could be the invention of the media, not the real battle between the two top players in the smartphone industry

Epic is appealing to Google for more than 30% of the in-app revenue that Google collects from developers. This is similar to the so-called Apple Tax, but there are slight differences between the two platforms. Apple Do not allow users to sideload the app while Google allows it.Some of the corrected complaints seen by iMoreEdit an example of how Google does business.

“Google’s lasting monopoly is the result of Google’s deliberate efforts to achieve and maintain it,” he said. The document further reveals that Alphabet’s subsidiary will take advantage of its immense scale to enforce contracts that may be considered “anti-competitive” to third parties.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the document describes the relationship between Google and Apple. As many know, Google pays Apple $ 8 to $ 12 billion annually to install Google Search on iOS, and there’s the truth behind the relationship between Google and Apple. .. Epic Game said in its submission: “In addition, Google’s close ties with Apple will benefit Google from working with Apple, further reducing Google’s incentive to compete, innovate, and invest in app distribution. .. Competitor player Apple. “

In other words, Google makes its bread by catching the eye on the ads it serves. It doesn’t really matter to Google whether those eyes belong to people using the iOS or Android version of Search. According to a court filing, Google’s profits from iOS are so great that the company “competes with Apple at the OS level of smartphones and spends more resources than it does now to attract users from iOS to Android.” I don’t have an incentive.

Epic may have an easy time to prove that Google and Apple are performing duopoly with a total of 99% smartphone market share

With Android and iOS together occupying 99% of the global smartphone market, Epic said in court that the two have a duopoly in the mobile industry between Apple and Google. You should be able to prove it.

In a statement, Google said, “The open Android ecosystem allows developers to distribute apps through multiple app stores. For game developers who choose to use the Play Store, it’s fair to developers and safe for users. There is a consistent policy to keep it in. Fortnite is still available on Android, but it violates the policy and cannot be made available on Play. Continue to protect yourself from these non-beneficial claims. increase.”

Again, a more interesting aspect of Google’s submission is the media manifestation of the Android-iOS battle rather than the actual scrap between the two makers trying to own the largest market share in the smartphone market. It’s a possibility. It’s all summarized in that Google is certainly an advertising company that makes money by selling ads. Apple is trying to profit from the sale of smartphones, accessories, and other devices, so the focus is different.

Epic is Google’s “Google’s pending very carefully expressed discussion. motion Game developers and distributors say they believe the information contained in their original complaints against Google is “more than enough” to prove their claim, but the best course of action is , Decided to put more pressure on the company.

Court documents say the battle between Android and iOS over the sale of smartphones is fake

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