Dakhla to Host Second Edition of AI For Climate Global Forum

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Rabat – Dakhla is set to host the second edition of Mexican initiative ‘AI For Climate Global Forum’ that promotes the use of AI for the world’s most pressing issues. After a successful first event in Yucatan, Mexico in 2020, the conference is now coming to Dakhla in southern Morocco. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising technologies worldwide and could have a far-reaching impact on finding solutions to climate change and the post-COVID-19 recovery. 

Abdelfattah Lebbar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Mexico, announced the project. “I have the pleasure to solemnly announce that the Kingdom of Morocco, and specifically the city of Dakhla, will host the second edition of the AI for Climate Global Forum,” he stated.

Ambassador Lebbar added that Morocco “is now an ally of this innovative project, which has been awarded by the Paris Peace Forum in November 2020.” 

The upcoming AI For Climate Global Forum’ will attempt to bring together experts to “amplify and accelerate the use of Artificial Intelligence.” It aims to use AI for “the protection and restoration of ecosystems around the world.”

These efforts, the organizers hope, will contribute to “climate stability, and a sustainable post-COVID economic recovery that includes the communities in and around nature reserves.”

The AI For Climate Global Forum is organized by women-led think tank “C Minds” and public relations firm Christopher Cordova Agency, which is operated by the initiative’s director and co-founder. He stated that “this initiative has gathered in less than a year the support of over 20 institutions, and has been recognized by the Paris Peace Forum 2020 as one of the scale-up projects.”

The AI For Climate Global Forum will bring together experts from a variety of fields in Dakhla, including professionals working on climate change, artificial intelligence, conservation efforts, public policy, as well as experts in development and investment. 

Rodolfo Lacy, Director for the Environment Directorate at the OECD took part in the event’s launch and congratulated Mexico and Morocco for organizing the initiative.

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