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Do not fall for fake Co-WIN apps; warns health ministry

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Fake CoWIN apps appear on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

India is working hard on bringing the COVID-19 vaccine to the masses. In the road to reaching millions of people, the government announced the launch of the ‘Co-WIN app’ which will allow Indian citizens to self-register themselves for the upcoming rollout of coronavirus vaccine. Some people are taking this as an opportunity to steal people’s personal information. 

As the news about the Co-WIN app started circulating, apps named ‘CoWIN’ started appearing on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. As of now, the original Co-WIN app has not been made available for the general public. This means any app showing up on your app store is a fake version of the upcoming application. 

Alerting the users, Health Ministry said, “Some apps named ‘CoWIN’ apparently created by unscrupulous elements to sound similar to the upcoming official platform of the government are on app-stores.” 

The ministry further added, “Do not download or share personal information on these. The MoHFW official platform will be adequately publicised on its launch.”

‘COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network’ application or the Co-WIN app will be the official portal for Indian citizens to self-register themselves for the upcoming massive vaccination drive. Once registered, the users will be able to get vaccinated once the COVID-19 vaccine is made available. 

The Co-WIN app will streamline the whole vaccination process and help the government ensure that the vaccine has reached the maximum number of people. The app will be launched for the general public soon. According to the reports, the beneficiaries would be able to register themselves after uploading an identification document like Aadhaar card, driving licence, PAN or bank passbook.

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