Galaxy Watch review: One of the best options to complement an Android phone

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One of the biggest complaints that people have against smartwatches is that they don’t look and feel like analogue watches. So let’s talk about the new Galaxy Watch from Samsung. Round dial – check! Interchangeable straps with a conventional 22mm mount – check! Stainless steel case – check! Heck, some of the watch faces on offer can even make ticking sounds. Others show you shadows under the watch hands and yet others have animated sections. We loaded it up with 40 watch faces from the Gear app — it kept working like a champ.

You can pair it with almost any Android phone (though it does work best with Galaxy phones).

So it looks, feels and sounds like an analogue watch. But it still has the brilliant rotating dial, a circular super amoled touchscreen display (1.3 inch, 360 x 360 pixels), GPS, heart rate monitor, built-in storage, WiFi, accelerometer, barometer and gyro sensor. It can also track your sleep, play locally stored music, track workouts (including swims), show you detailed notifications from your phone and you can make/receive calls on it (if tethered to your phone).

That’s a lot for a watch that weighs just 63 g. You can pair it with almost any Android phone (though it does work best with Galaxy phones). And we consistently got three full days of battery life with daily activity (battery life comes down with active GPS use). If you need a smartwatch to complement your Android phone, this is one option that deserves to be at the top of your list.

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