Google started rolling out a redesigned, Google TV-inspired facelift for the Android TV homescreen earlier this year, and now, that new interface is finally finding its way to Sony’s Android TV sets. According to 9to5Google, the manufacturer is sending out emails to owners, telling them that their “Sony Android TV just got a whole lot better.”

Some Redditors corroborate the findings, telling the world that they’ve received the update over the last week. Google also confirmed as much to 9to5Google. If you’re a Sony TV owner, you might soon also be in for the update.

Before and after.

The new homescreen is modeled after the Google TV interface that debuted alongside the Chromecast with Google TV. It consists of three tabs at the top of the screen: Home, Discover, and Apps. The former mostly looks and feels like the old homescreen and consists of your favorite apps and channels, including the recently added recommendations carousel. Apps remains the place to go when you want to see all of your installed applications. Discover is all new to Android TV, though. Google explains that it “features personalized recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you, in addition to what’s trending on Google.”

If you’re particularly impatient, you can also try to sideload the latest interface to your unit. Take a look at our dedicated article on the topic for instructions and downloads.