How to master: iOS 12 public beta

How to master: iOS 12 public beta

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Back in June, we got rather excited about iOS 12, and now it’s finally here to use. Sort of. Through the Apple Beta Software Program, you can download the current beta release of iOS 12 on to your iPhone or iPad, and delve into its great new features.

We check out some of the best bits below, and show how iOS 12 can make you more productive (Notifications controls! Screen Time! Siri smarts!) and, er, also less productive (Days on end fine-tuning custom Animoji!)

A word of warning, though: iOS 12 isn’t fully baked yet, and so only the brave (and/or foolhardy) run it on anything other than a spare device. If even remotely in doubt, ensure you back-up your device to iCloud and iTunes before you weld beta software to it. When the final version of iOS 12 rocks up, we’ll of course ensure this article is bang up to date.

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