How to Turn Off Auto-Brightness on Android

How to Turn Off Auto-Brightness on Android

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Here’s how you can manually control the screen brightness level of your Android phone.

Smartphones have become truly smart in the past few years. They can sense their environment and adjust to fit your needs. One such feature is the auto-brightness setting on your smartphone. When enabled, your screen’s brightness adjusts according to the ambient light around you.

The ambient light sensor on your Android device measures the light around it and changes the brightness accordingly. When you’re in the sun, the brightness increases to increase readability; when you’re in a dark room, the screen dims to save power.

While this feature is useful, there might be times when you don’t want to use it. The most common reason being its inaccuracy i.e. the brightness keeps changing or flickering constantly. Let’s see how to turn off auto-brightness on your Android device.

How to Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Almost all Android devices have an auto-brightness icon on the drop-down notification panel, which you can use to toggle the auto-brightness directly. But for others, you have to go to the settings to disable it. Let’s see how.

Just an FYI, some devices may use the term Adaptive brightness instead of Auto-brightness. We will be using the latter, but the instructions remain the same for both.

  1. Open your device Settings.
  2. Tap on Display.
  3. Go to Auto-brightness and tap the button to disable it.

Some devices may have slightly different UI. In that case, you will need to go to Display > Brightness-level > Auto-brightness. Once there, simply tap to disable like normal.

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Avoid Brightness Flickering on Your Phone

Your phone’s brightness is one of the first things you notice when you turn it on. It contributes to the overall experience. If it’s too bright, it hurts your eyes, and if it’s too dim, you have a hard time reading anything on your screen.

Features like auto-brightness can help you automate that, but it can be way off the mark at times so you might want to turn it off to avoid having flicking brightness in the middle of a game, video call, or work.

A person holding an iPhone with the Display & Brightness settings on screen
How to Turn Off Auto-Brightness on iPhone

If you want to manually control your iPhone’s brightness, here’s how to turn off True Tone, the auto-brightness feature.

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