iOS 12.0 offers method to track phone use

iOS 12.0 offers method to track phone use

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SPOKANE. Wash. – The newest iPhone update comes with the usual bells and whistles, but iOS 12 also offers a way to keep tabs on cell phone use.

The update allows users the option to receive a weekly screen time report, and they can also access current phone usage data by swiping left. The tool tracks time and separates your app use into categories, allowing users to track their phone habits.

The update also offers other tools- like Measure, a digital ruler that uses the phone’s camera to calculate lengths.

If you hear a song you don’t know, but remember the words, Apple Music now offers a ‘search by lyric’ tool.

For iPhone 10 owners the Animoji feature has been expanded. It now includes what are known as Memojis- customized characters that sync with speech and facial movements.

For a full list of features updated by iOS 12- click here.

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