iOS 14.3 battery life (potential fix)

iOS 14.3 battery life (potential fix)

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Like many others I’ve been going insane with this iOS battery life issues. I have an iPhone SE 1st gen and since iOS 14.2 that my battery has been being depleted at warp speeds. It almost looks like a countdown. I tried everything including reseting my phone, battery saving mode, etc, and nothing worked. I’m currently on 14.3.

However, today I noticed the following:
– After using my mobile data (4G), the battery entered countdown mode. I could literally see the numbers going down almost every second.
– Turned off mobile data and nothing changed.
– Tried to activate battery saving mode and nothing changed.
– Killed all the background apps, and again nothing changed.
– Turned on airplane mode and puff the countdown stopped.
– Turned airplane mode off and the battery remained stable while connected to the wifi.

I’ve been on my wifi already for a while and the battery seems to remain stable. So for those with this issue I recommend to:

1) Turn off 4G/LTE/Mobile data
2) Turn on Airplane Mode
3) Turn off Airplane Mode

I don’t know if we have anyone here with better insights into why this might be happening, and if this is really a fix or just a coincidence. But if we have any developers reading this, it would be great if you could test it properly.

Thank you


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