iOS 14 YouTube Picture In Picture Mode Is Back For Non-Premium Users

iOS 14 YouTube Picture In Picture Mode Is Back For Non-Premium Users

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Last month, it has been reported that YouTube has blocked the Picture in Picture (PiP) mode on iOS 14 through the Safari web browser if you are not a Premium subscriber. The browser originally acted as a workaround tor those who want to utilize the PiP mode for the video service since the feature is not available on the native YouTube app.


Interesting enough, the restriction is now gone though according to the report by MacRumors. The Apple-oriented publication has tested it on Safari that is running on iOS 14.0.1:

We have tried it ourselves and able to verify the findings by the Apple-oriented publication. Not only that, we have also verified that the PiP feature worked on Chrome and Edge too:

(L-R): The PiP feature through Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Since neither YouTube nor Apple has released any official statements regarding this, it is not known whether the return of the PiP feature is an actual reversal by YouTube or an unintentional result from a recent update. Regardless of that, we do hope that the feature will be made permanent for all users regardless of their YouTube’s subscription status.

(Source: MacRumors.)

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