Kinit beta app lets iOS users earn and spend Kin cryptocurrency in apps
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The Kik messenger service launched its Kin cryptocurrency last fall, and now it is launching the beta for its Kinit app on iOS to let people earn and spend cryptocurrency inside apps.

Kik also said that Kin is now the most active cryptocurrency running on Ethereum, with Kik and the Kinit app claiming more than 8,600 active users, while all of the other decentralized apps (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain have approximate 7,700 users. This is just from Android users alone, so adding iOS users will quickly increase this number.

The Kinit beta app has been approved by Apple, which has been strictly enforcing its guidelines with cryptocurrencies. The Kinit beta app is the first publicly available app dedicated to Kin, which was previously only available to Android users.

Kinit is one of few apps available for iOS users who want to earn and spend cryptocurrencies in-app. Aside from wallet apps (think the Coinbase app), which only facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrency via exchanges, and, which redirects you to the website to complete tasks to earn Bitcoin, there aren’t any other iOS apps that allow blockchain transactions to happen natively in-app.

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation said last week that it has 40 consumer apps for its cryptocurrency developer program.

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