Make a Square is a new elegant puzzler out now for iOS and Android

    Make a Square is a new elegant puzzler out now for iOS and Android
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    Sandwich Generation has made a game about moving shapes around to form a bigger shape and it’s called Make a Square. It’s out now on iOS and Android.

    Make a Square has a very simple goal: using hold and drag, you rearrange groups of squares to form a big square in as few moves as possible. There’s a unique minimal aesthetic to this game that can make it feel quite relaxing. Check out this trailer below to see what Make a Square is all about.

    The campaign has 144 levels that have been hand-crafted, with each one getting progressively more difficult. If you want to shake things up a bit though, there are other modes for you to try. Daily levels rotate every 24 hours and offer a new challenge to come back to every day, and you can keep track of these through the in-game calendar.

    If you feel too restricted by the move limit, you can also check out Golf Mode which removes this and lets you tackle levels in however many moves you want. You’ll still be scored on it and can use the leaderboards to compare against everyone else in the world.

    But if you’d prefer trying your hand at some custom content, Make a Square also features a custom level designer where you can create your own stages from scratch and then send it to other users to play and rate.

    Bonus features such as achievements and a dark mode for the night owl mobile gamers are also included should you need them. You can download Make a Square from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It is a free to play title with adverts, but you can disable these ads through a $3 in-app purchase.

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