Moroccan Student Helps Build Artificial Intelligence Curriculum at Stanford

Artificial Intelligence
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Rabat – At the front of a classroom in on of the US’ top schools is 23-year-old Tangier-native Younes Bensouda Mourri.

While pursuing his masters in statistics at Stanford University in California, the Tangier-native, who is specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), began teaching several computer science classes.

Mourri is the primary instructor of “Applied Machine Learning” and “Teaching Artificial Intelligence,” while also being a course advisor for the class “Deep Learning.” He is credited with co-creating all three of these classes.

Besides working with students in person, Mourri has also taken to teaching online.

Alongside Professor Andrew Ng, with whom he has co-created classes, Mourri has also created content for the online course “Machine Learning” hosted on Coursera, an online learning platform. He is credited with redesigning 12 assignments and building an auto-grader that grades millions of submissions in real time.

The class is considered the most popular AI online course in the world. Nearly 100,000 have given the course a 4.9 out of 5 stars. The course has also received as many as 25,000 reviews, many of them lauding the design of the class.

“An amazing skills of teaching and [a] very well structured course for people start[ing] to learn … machine learning. The assignments are very good for understanding the practical side of machine learning,” wrote an online student, with the initials AQ, in one of the class’s reviews.

In 2014, at the age of 18, Mourri left Morocco to pursue his bachelor’s degree in the US. He later continued his higher education by pursuing his masters degree at Stanford University. So far, Mourri has taken more than 20 classes in the fields of computer science and statistics.

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