NCHE: The Escape is an upcoming zombie-filled title coming to iOS and Android in March 2022

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Solo dev Okolie Uchechukwu (indie studio Cleec Designs) has announced the upcoming release of NCHE: The Escape, a first-person shooter coming to mobile in March 2022. Featuring eerie levels filled with zombies, the free-to-play title will soon be available on both Android and iOS devices next year.

NCHE: The Escape thrusts players into a mysterious mental facility where escape is seemingly impossible. You’ll have to keep your wits about you as you try to find a means to escape. As the perfect icing to the cake, the facility is overrun by bloodthirsty zombies, so making it out of the place alive is indeed a challenge.

Players can pick up weapons along the way, and because ammo is limited, strategising the most efficient use of your firepower is key. You can certainly fire at moving lasers and crazed zombies in your way, but sometimes, simply dodging them to progress through corridors may be the more prudent option. Laser bars aren’t static, and the difficulty level increases as you move deeper into the halls of the facility.


If you’re curious to see how the gameplay goes, you can take a little sneak peek at the gameplay footage embedded above. You can also head on over to NCHE: The Escape’s official website to discover more about the title, or join the community of followers over on the game’s official Facebook page to stay updated on all the latest developments (and to see some works in progress by the developer).

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