Nokia 3.4 receiving new Android Build V1.260

Nokia 3.4 receiving new Android Build V1.260
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Nokia Mobile released a new Android Build update V1.260 for Nokia 3.4. The update is 154 MB large, and it is bringing the November Security patch with UI improvements and better system stability, according to the official changelog, which is always the same.

Anyway, after the installation of the update, I hoped that our 3/32GB version will be more usable and without the lags, but that is still not the case. The phone does seem to perform just slightly better, but it is still being slowish in doing the standard multitasking, in opening the Camera app, and checking the recently taken photo. There is also that weird Google Play security update bug that prevents the device from getting the latest software update. This is not something that bothers me too much, but my OCD just can’t stand that red icon in the security settings.

Anyways, if you are using the latest Nokia 3, do check if the update is available, and do share if your device performance has improved.

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