NZ Marketers Capability in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
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NZ Marketers Capability in Artificial Intelligence to be
accelerated at AIMCON on September 5th

event for Marketers is on in Auckland next Wednesday,
September 5th at the Generator @GRIDAKL
founder Justin Flitter has partnered with leading AI and
Technology companies IBM, ClearPoint, Qrious, JRNY and
Spacetime to help marketers identify business problems and
customer interactions that can be improved with Artificial

AIMCON producer Justin Flitter says the
event is for mid to senior level marketers challenged with
developing future-focused strategic marketing initiatives
driven by emerging technology and efficient use of consumer
and business data sets to optimise business

“For the last year or so Marketers have
been exposed to ‘what’s possible’ but remain
challenged with the ‘how to’ develop Artificial
Intelligence systems to advance customer experiences,
leverage consumer data and realise business productivity

Leading Artificial Intelligence experts
like Jody Sangster the CMO Liaison for IBM Watson is flying
in from Australia to challenge marketers with re-thinking
customer experiences and how to utilise AI to transform how
customers interact with their business.

Hamish Rumbold,
CEO of Clearpoint will give attendees the practical advice
on how to engage a technical development partner and what
they need to do to prepare and get the most from their first
AI application.

Nathalie Morris, CEO of data and
automation company, Qrious will help marketers understand
what data they can leverage and how to set up their
marketing operations to get the most benefit from their
consumer data sets.

Other speakers include Byron Powell,
Head of Consumer Mobile at Vodafone, Vince Warnock,
Marketing Manager for Cigna Insurance, Michael Lovegrove,
CEO of JRNY and Alex Bartley-Catt, CEO of Auckland AI
Consultancy Spacetime.

We want marketers to walk away
from this event confident they have the knowledge to engage
team members across their companies and external partners to
build capability. We want them to know how to identify
whether a business problem or customer experience can be
solved with Artificial Intelligence.

Justin Flitter says,
“Marketers need to be confident to start small, picking a
narrow, specific business case to apply Artificial
Intelligence to build their confidence and capability before
tackling harder problems. “

Speaker information and
tickets are available from


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