Open-source Symbian and Nokia N-Gage emulator “EKA2L1” releases on Android

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Taco phones are on the menu tonight. A new emulator called EKA2L1 has released on the Google Play Store, and is designed to emulate Symbian devices, as well as the Nokia N-Gage, the latter of which was a “gaming phone” released in 2003. Though it began development around two years ago, last week marked the first release of a stable Android build. EKA2L1 works primarily on 64-bit devices, though it does have limited “experimental” support for devices that use 32-bit architecture. Right now, it can emulate three different forms of Symbian: S60v1, S60v3, and S60v5, with high compatibility for the fair few N-Gage games that exist, like Sonic N, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Rayman 3, and others.

The emulator requires some setting up, meaning you’ll need to acquire the right firmware files for your platform of choice, move them to your Android device, and into the right folder–fairly simple, if you know where to get them. EKA2L1 is also an open-source project, so if you’re interested in seeing the finer details of the emulator, you can check it out on the project’s GitHub page.



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