PGI to use artificial intelligence for treatment of asthma

Artificial Intelligence
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CHANDIGARH: An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of 10,000 asthmatic patients being treated in PGI for the past 20 years has been prepared. The big data, collated from PGI’s asthma clinic for children, will be used to give personalised treatment to patients using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The clinic treats children between 0 and 13 years of age.
Doctors feel that medicines and treatment cannot be clubbed together on the “one size fits all” assumption. “Every patient is different as allergies vary. We will develop algorithms for treatment based on this. All asthmatics do not react to certain drugs the same way as they have some genetic variation,” explained Prof Meenu Singh of PGI’s department of paediatrics.
“If we continue to give these drugs, they will develop uncontrolled asthma, which is difficult to treat. They can also suffer complications like allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis-an asthma due to fungus, which can destroy the lungs.”
This big data will be analysed to make an artificial intelligence tool which will be used to group patients in different categories for personalised treatment.
“AI has neural network that can group patients under severe, mild and without any symptoms category. The treatment schedule will be personalised and treatment will be specific according to these categories,” said Dr Anil Chauhan of the department of paediatrics, PGI.
The EMR will also help with digitalisation of records as old as a decade or more. “Records can be saved and used to make treatment guidelines. We shall have database of both old records and prospective ones,” said Dr Chauhan.
Besides the big data, the institute is also working on an application which can be connected to a device named peak flow meter (which evaluates breathing problems). Values generated from the device can be sent from home to the treating physician to monitor asthma.

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