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Researchers state that it is the most accurate method up to date. After analysing thousands of movies and shows such as The Office and Desperate Housewives, the algorithm articulated human interactions into patterns and learnt to predict hundreds of activities such as high-fives and handshaking. When it is unable to predict the specific action, it finds a higher-level concept that links them, in this case, “greeting.”

Attempts have been made regarding predictive machine learning which initially attempted to create pixel-by-pixel representation of future outcomes. This machine learning system relies on abstract imaging of cues deemed important to social interactions. The algorithm decides whether to classify the action as a hug or even a non-action like “ignore” however, when uncertainty is high, these machine learning models are unable to find any commonalities between the possible options. After hours of watching the footage, the results told, the computer accurately guessed 43% of the time whereas its human computer parts guessed correctly 71% of the tine.

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