PUBG: New State iOS and Android Minimum Device Specs Revealed

PUBG: New State iOS and Android Minimum Device Specs Revealed
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Krafton had announced the closed alpha for PUBG: New State months ago. Krafton has apparently shared more information with players who want try out the alpha version of PUBG: New State, including the minimum specs required to play the game.

According to dataminer PlayerIGN (no connection with IGN or IGN India), Krafton has revealed the minimum specs for iOS and Android. Android users will need at least Android 6.0 or above and 2 GB RAM or more. Meanwhile, iOS users will need at least iOS 13.0 or higher and iPhone 6S or later. Krafton has further said, “Please note that PUBG: New State is still in development and will be optimized to run on a number of different Android and iOS devices when it launches later this year.”

Krafton has not announced the launch date for PUBG: New State yet, but the game is expected to come out later this year. The company has recently shared several details about PUBG: New State. Krafton CEO Chang-Han Kim said, “PUBG: New State will set a new milestone for mobile shooter games. [The game will] offer more enjoyment to players in advanced countries who couldn’t be satisfied with the quality of existing games, as well as players around the world who just started to enjoy shooter games and the battle royale genre by playing PUBG Mobile.”

According to Krafton, PUBG: New State will feature next-gen realistic graphics, advanced gunplay similar PC shooters, enhanced social features, and an original battle royale experience.

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