Reasons Why You Need Reviews For Your Android App

Reasons Why You Need Reviews For Your Android App

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As most of the buyers read product reviews and feedback before making a final buying decision, mobile users are also probable to read app reviews before they install an android app because they don’t want to waste time on a poorly built app that offers bad UX.

With millions of apps in Google play store and hundreds are submitted on daily basis, most of the app owners and developers get cold feet right after adding their apps to the marketplace. But good reviews are the great thing to help ease their tension. Reviews and ratings each app receive, affect the way users discover that app in Play store and results can be either positive or negative based on the nature of reviews.

Positive android app reviews and rankings not only help users install the most valuable and useful apps but also improve visibility of apps in app stores to rank them higher in search results.

Below are more reasons you should get reviews and ratings in order to make your android app ultimate success.

Reviews Impact ASO

Most of the companies and app developers create app marketing strategies right before they launch their apps and it is a superb idea to leverage the buzz around the app that a company or developer is working on. Similarly, they work hard on getting app reviews as positive reviews contribute in app success in many ways and boosted app store optimization (ASO) is one of them. When an android app is reviewed by more and more users with good feedback and comments, potential users are more likely to download or install the app without worrying about its design, user interface and features. However, an app developer or company should also learn how to respond to android reviews as it can increase conversion rates incredibly. Don’t leave app reviews unanswered and try your best to respond to each and every review accordingly to increase user retention.

Reviews Determine App Visibility

If there are no enough reviews for your android app, it will be invisible in the Google play store. The more reviews you will have for your app, the more it will be visible to the users in search results. A high rated android app gets better app store ranking and increased exposure and downloads too. That is the reason, you must have a high volume of positive reviews to appear in more search results and to drive more downloads.

Guide Purchasing Behavior

Mobile users do not want to have a bad experience by installing an android app that doesn’t provide them with desired features and experience. That is the reason, they check the app rating and reviews before they hit the install button. Looking for reviews before installing an app is always a smart decision and also known as social proof that helps you install a great app. The more social proofs your app will have, the more users will install and use your app. Building a simple and appealing feedback channel in android app is a good idea to collect more reviews for your app. You should also ask for reviews when users are satisfied with your all such as when they have completed a purchase in a retail app or completed a level successfully in a game. Catching users at an upbeat moment allows you get more positive reviews and rating to provide potential users with better social proof.

Boost Conversion Rates

When you get positive reviews for your android app and respond those reviews and ratings in timely manner, it improves your app’s discoverability in app stores. When user reviews are responded, it makes users feel valued and they are happy that the developer or app owner is listening to their feedback. When users feel valued, they are more likely to engage in dialogue about your app. Valuable users are just like brand ambassadors as they recommend your app to their connections when they find it useful and problem solving. This helps you a lot in increasing your number of good reviews and, in turn, boost conversion rates too.

Driving More Downloads

Not only increased visibility and ranking in app store, but android app’s positive reviews and ratings impresses potential users as well. According to a survey, almost 96% users download apps with 4-star ratings whereas only 50% users download apps rated with 3 stars. It means, if your app has more positive reviews and ratings more than 4 stars, you are on your way to get more downloads for your android app. That is the reason, you should provide your app users with appropriate channels so they can review your app to help you grow.

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