Ribn for iOS is a loopable MIDI controller, perfect for creative modulation

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Developer, Nebojsa Petrovic, has released an iOS MIDI controller on the App store going by the name of Ribn.

Standing out from the rest of the app-based MIDI controller crowd is its ability to record and loop your finger movement, so you can easily design your own creative modulation. The loop function can be switched off, giving you standard ribbon control.

Each ribbon can be assigned its own MIDI channel, CC# and you can choose between two, four, or eight ribbons in total.

Ribn is available now for iPhone and iPad at $0.99/£0.99/€1.09 on the App store.

Ribn features

  • 8 MIDI CC ribbon pads
  • Add modulation to your MIDI hardware synths, effects, Eurorack, drum machines, etc.
  • Configurable MIDI channel and CC# per ribbon
  • Ribbons record and loop your finger movement
  • Looping can be turned off to enable standard ribbon sliders
  • Choose 2, 4 or 8 ribbons
  • Use a wired MIDI interface, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • All settings are saved automatically
  • Works on iPhone (including iPhone X) and iPad

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