Pirates Outlaws

Roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws coming to iOS and Android this Wednesday

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Indie developer Fabled Game Studio will be releasing their new roguelike card game Pirates Outlaws on Google Play and the App Store on Wednesday 6th March.  This new card game will have players set out to sea to explore procedurally generated maps and take part in turn based battles.

In Pirates Outlaws players take the role of a pirate captain seeking fame and fortune.  First step on the road to this goal will be to recruit a suitably vicious pirate crew then set sail from island to island searching for treasure, relics and new cards.

Players will be able to choose from one of six different captains as their character with each having their own special ability and pre-made deck that includes 10 cards, including Gunner, Swordmaster, Explorer, Cursed Captain, Alchemist, Admiral.

Pirates Outlaws features:

  • 6 different characters featuring unique abilities and pre-made decks.
  • More than 250 cards, 50 outlaws and 80 relics to collect.
  • 20 challenging bosses to fight along the way.
  • 3 chapters of exciting turn-based, card combat.
  • Health and ship action points to manage.
  • A procedurally-generated map with random placement of Battles, Events etc.
  • A minimalist 2D art style and an original soundtrack.

Look out for Pirates Outlaws arriving on Google Play and the App Store this Wednesday.

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