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Samsung has announced an update to its iOS-compatible AirPods competitor during Tuesday’s Samsung Unpacked event, and calls it the Galaxy Buds+.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds+

The new update includes new colors, better battery life, and improved audio. An added iOS app to control the earpieces was also announced, which will include features like an equalizer for the earbuds, something that was exclusive to android phones last generation.

The design appears identical to the previous version, with blue and red colors replacing yellow and silver. The changeable ear tips make a welcome return, since the AirPods at this price point are still one-size-fits-all.

A two speaker system with woofer and tweeter will improve overall audio quality, and since they are in ear buds, there should be sufficient audio isolation when listening.

Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods
Galaxy Buds Galaxy Buds+ AirPods AirPods Pro
PrIce $129 $149 $159 $249
Battery Life 6 hours 11 hours 5 hours 4.5 hours (ANC on)
Charge time 15 min=100 min playback 3 min= 1 hr playback 15 min= 3 hr playback 5 min= 1 hr playback
Speaker 1 way dynamic 2 way dynamic Single driver Single driver
Connectivity Bluetooth 5 single device Bluetooth 5 multi-device H1 (iCloud sync,
Audio Sharing)
Bluetooth 5
H1 (iCloud sync,
Audio Sharing)
Bluetooth 5
Microphones 1 outer/ 1 inner 2 outer/ 1 inner 2 outer beamforming 2 outer beamforming
1 inner
Noise Isolation Yes Yes No Yes
Ambient aware Yes Yes No Yes (transparency mode)
On earpiece control Play, pause, skip, volume Play, pause, skip, volume, spotify Play, pause, skip, or siri
(Double tap preset)
Play, pause. Skip, siri
(Multi gesture control)
Water resistance IPX2 IPX2 Not rated IPX4
Color Black, white, yellow, silver Black, white, blue, red White White

For iOS users, the decision is complicated by AirPods, and the ecosystem perks they bring. From AppleInsider’s review we liked the audio quality and charging experience better on the Galaxy Buds. But now that AirPods have their own wireless charging case, its a tougher compare.

If you do not care about iCloud synced pairing or Apple’s proprietary Audio Sharing, then the Galaxy Buds+ look to be a good alternative. Although if you want true ANC in an earbud, you’ll have to spring for the much more expensive AirPods Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will launch on March 6 for $149.

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