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Slack for Android may have exposed your password: How to reset password, clear data
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Slack, a popular communication app that is used amongst the working community, known for its numerous features for office workers was recently seen accidentally logging in users’ credentials in plain text on the Android app. The company has now been emailing users requesting them to rest their passwords. As per the email communication by the company, the Android version of the Slack app stored users’ credentials in plain text. On 21 December 2020 Slack had a bug that got identified on 20 January and was fixed by the company on 21 January 2021.

With users’ credentials shown in plain text, other apps on the phone could have accessed the credentials as well, the company revealed. With this notable bug in the app, users have been asked to wipe the app’s data as well, especially if they used the same password for other sites and apps. Users that have received the email will get a link that would redirect them to reset the password.

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How to clear Slack data

To clear Slack’s Android app data, users will first have to ensure that the app has been updated to the latest version, followed by going to the app settings on the phone and choosing the Slack app. This would take you to a subsequent page that will have an option to clear the app data or clear storage for Slack. Note that once the app data is cleared, users will be required to re-login. With this, your older passwords should be cleared off the storage.

How to change Slack password

Once the app data is cleared login to the app, go to the profile, and click on Main/Account Settings to change your password.

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