SoundCloud Rolls Out a Brand-New iOS Profile Experience

SoundCloud Rolls Out a Brand-New iOS Profile Experience

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The new profile layout focuses more on SoundCloud’s social features, with profiles getting a major overhaul.

A user’s identity, track uploads, likes, and reposts are now front and center.  For creators, the updated profile comes with new features like top tracks.

SoundCloud bills itself as the world’s most social streaming platform, and its new user experience aims to reflect that. The entire profile has been reconfigured to place creator and listener profile photos, header images, biographies, and spotlights at the top.

A new share profile button has been added to make it easier to share profiles between friends and fans.  At the top of the creator’s profile is a new top tracks section, which displays the top played tracks over past 90 days.  SoundCloud says this highlight feature will help to instantly introduce new fans to a creator’s most popular tracks.

So what about SoundCloud for Android users?

SoundCloud gave no estimate on when Android users can expect to see the new profile feature.  iOS users can update the SoundCloud app to take advantage of these new features right now.

SoundCloud was founded in 2007 and now features over 200 million tracks from 20 million grassroots creators.  The service has become ubiquitous in the hip-hop community as ‘SoundCloud Rap,’ essentially a distinctive niche genre of rap.

A recent cash injection from investors helped to pull the company from the jaws of bankruptcy.  SoundCloud also underwent some executive shuffling to help re-align the company towards profitability, though the recovery is now well underway.  Now, SoundCloud is working hard to redefine itself as a leading trendsetter — where stuff gets hot before it goes mainstream.

Alongside that vision, a more serious subscription attempt is also underway.  That includes packaged distribution for artists and creators, with FUGA currently powering the backend.

Just recently, the company hired former Apple exec Anthony Gabriele as senior VP and head of Subscriptions & Marketing.


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