DotNet Mobile-Technology

SMS DotNet

Sms dotNet is an android application which let developers send sms from their .net application using their android mobile device. They just have to install one package “Nerdsinn.Messaging” in there applications which will communicate with this application.
Currently usually a GSM modem or old GSM supported mobile phones are used in conjunction with .net application to send messages to contacts, but now anyone can connect their android mobile phone with .net application to send messages to the intended person.
This app is especially build for window form applications.


1) Easy Integration with .net technologies such as C#, etc.
2) Send SMS from your  .net  application using your smartphone/tablets.
3) Receive SMS from your smartphone/tablets to your .net application
4) DotNet Messaging appilcation works on any local area network like Wifi or through USB cable.
5) Connect multiple devices to single Instance/PC
6) Fast Sending and Receiving SMS

For more details and code snippets browse through the documentation