The Best Android Games of 2021 – Bomb Club – Droid Gamers

The Best Android Games of 2021 - Bomb Club - Droid Gamers
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One of the best puzzlers of the past 12 months is also one of the funniest. Bomb Club is a game all about explosions, featuring a cast of zany characters who make up the titular club.

In between the excellent cut scenes, you’re creating chains of explosions using a variety of different bombs. They all explode in different ways, and you need to make the combo that clears them all.

There’s always something new here, with new explosive devices making you think about the levels in different ways. And everything is presented with a charm that’s basically impossible to dislike.

There are hundreds of levels to complete, special hats that alter the ways your bombs behave AND make them look stylish, and plenty of objectives for you to try and complete.

Bomb Club is pretty much the perfect puzzling package. It’s got a brilliant story, varied and exciting levels and just the right amount of challenge so you never feel overwhelmed.

Click here to download Bomb Club from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP.

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