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Artificial Intelligence
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Port Technology International (PTI) will be hosting a webinar titled Artificial Intelligence and Resilience on April 28, 2pm BST.

If you, your company or someone you know is interested in speaking, sponsorship or attendance please contact Stephanie Morley at smorley@porttechnology.org.

The webinar
will explore how AI is enabling predictions for Ports & Terminals, and
specifically how they are able to:

•             Manage more contingencies
prescriptively with greater flexibility

•             Allow planners to react faster to
disruptions when they occur

•             Achieve cost savings with AI

•             Utilise AI enabled autonomous
mobility automation to reduce spreading and managing deadly viruses

To register your interest in attending the webinar click here

are looking to have more information gathered for their operations using AI,
recognising patterns.

It is key
data that can be automated, and it is getting easier for industry to develop
this so many organizations are investing heavily into this.

With the
use of AI-driven models’ users can look deeper into their operations and more
accurately plan equipment deployment. AI provides improved situational
awareness of port operations and can increase productivity, especially when
challenges occur; computer-aided decision making can be used. 

relevance of AI lies in deciphering patterns in the thousands of factors that
affect operations. Essentially AI provides optimization models for ports and
terminals and helps them realise efficiencies. 

During this webinar we will further answer the question, why is AI relevant in terms of logistics and ports? 

To register your interest in attending the webinar click here.

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