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Verge [XVG] releases development update, good things in store for iOS & desktop wallet users

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On 20th August, Verge [XVG], a platform that offers anonymous transactions, posted a blog of their development update on Twitter. It outlined the progress Verge made on their iOS and desktop wallet.

Tweet by Verge | Source: Twitter

The Verge development team revealed the outcome of their recent Twitter poll on their official blog. The findings showed that according to users, ‘the most important goal for Verge’ was a new ‘codebase that includes RingCT’ with about 48% of the Twitteratis picking it. The poll itself received 3000 votes with ‘iOS wallet’ receiving the second highest number of votes [34%].

The team stated their decision to go with the people’s choice and begin work on the new codebase which is a top priority at the moment. But the development team specified that they would also work on the iOS mobile wallet at the same time. There were people who also voted for ‘the revisited Android wallet’ and a ‘desktop wallet’ which both received 9% of the total votes in the poll.

The latest version of the Verge iOS wallet and desktop wallet uses the Insight API [Application Programming Interface] because of which there is no way for users to store their private keys in a secure manner.

Verge has confirmed that they have not been able to find a solution to the issue yet as it requires extensive research. There are several factors involved in securing keys as the value of a user’s digital asset is stored in the keys.

The team is going to establish a new format known as the BIP39 that permits users to recover their private keys by using a personal word combination.

Current development insights

Desktop Wallet

The Verge development team has affirmed that the desktop wallet is more user-friendly now with a freshly designed address book that would make it easy for users to send it to people. Electron version, the software that is being used to create the approaching desktop wallet was updated to version 3.0.0 [beta-5]. Nevertheless, the team has stated that final work is underway to get the stable version of the Electron framework up and running.

iOS Wallet

The development team’s focus in the past week was to get a few key points of the iOS wallet completed. This involved improving the ‘recipient selector’ and the ‘sending transaction screen’. The team believes that they have made sufficient progress since the last iOS wallet update.

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