Windows 10 gets iOS and Android-style 'app archiving' - Somag News

Windows 10 gets iOS and Android-style ‘app archiving’ – Somag News

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In an upcoming update, Windows 10 will allow you to archive underused apps. Inspired by existing tools on iOS and Android, app archiving will help you organize your desktop and hide underused apps, without having to uninstall them.

Currently, the only way to hide apps in Windows 10 is to delete it from the computer. This process, however, excludes user presets, registrations and any progress made in the software – if there is no cloud storage – which can be a burden on future needs.

Fortunately, according to the Windows Latest website, this problem will be solved with the new method of archiving apps. For Windows Insiders participants, the tool is now available and enabled by default on the system.

Basically, what the feature does is to delete the app files – thus saving storage space – and keep data and settings associated with it on the system. When redeemed, the files will be downloaded and associated with the app, bypassing the reconfiguration process.

“To save storage space and bandwidth, apps that you don’t use often will be archived automatically. Your files and other data will be saved. The next time you use the archived app, it will connect to the internet to restore the full version (if it’s still available. “, explains the tool’s description in Windows 10.

This download mechanism, in turn, has some drawbacks: you cannot unarchive an app when you are offline or if it is no longer available on the Windows Store. Therefore, it is important to check the store’s support to prevent your files from being lost.

This tool is especially useful for computers with little storage space, but it can be a headache for those who don’t need to save money. Despite optimizing storage usage, relying on the internet to open an app can lead to unpleasant situations.

Considering that the feature is now available to participants of Windows Insiders, it shouldn’t take long to reach the final version of the system.

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